Do you love alfresco living? In our sunny country, and with summer now looming, who doesn’t!? But while you may love chilling out under your pergola, there are times when it’s just not private enough. The neighbours may be watching you sip your Lemon Myrtle Spritz, or you may want to just section off that part of your yard from the rest of it – for a huge range of reasons. The answer?: pergola privacy screens.

What is a pergola privacy screen?

It’s just a simple structural addition to that run-of-the-mill, open pergola – primarily designed to enhance the feeling of enjoyable seclusion by shielding it away from view. There are basically endless material options – from wood, lattice, metal, fabric and beyond. As for the design choices, they’re almost infinite – creating the personalised, intimate and protected outdoor space you and only you are dreaming of.

Designing the perfect pergola with privacy screen

Sound good? Remember, it’s a practical, aesthetic and highly personal protective solution for your pergola – but we know that it can be difficult to get started on something as endlessly customisable as pergola privacy.

Considering a pergola with screen for your outdoor space? These 5 essential questions to ask yourself should help guide the decision-making process.

1. How much privacy do I really need?

On the one hand, you might want a total privacy screen pergola solution from top to bottom – a full and total screen to block out the prying eyes of the neighbours. But on the other, a partial screen may be sufficient or much more appropriate for your needs, so this is a perfect question to start out with – as it will guide the design and materials.

2. What’s the screen really for?

Remember, while those screens are fundamentally about pergola privacy, not all people use them solely for this. For instance, perhaps it’s just a really sunny spot that needs some extra shade protection, or you may want to block out the wind a little – or provide a nice trellis for plants to thrive and look great. From latticed to fabric to solid and everything in between and beyond, give it some thought.

3. Does it match my garden’s aesthetics?

Reflect for a moment on your garden’s style. What would you call it? Modern; traditional, rustic, tropical – something else? Just ensure your pergola screen choice blends seamlessly with the vibe of the space around it, with materials and a design that is in perfect harmony with the decor and landscaping.

4. How much maintenance can you tolerate?

Wood may require some periodic sealing or staining, metal may need some attention to ward off rust and corrosion, while vinyl can essentially be maintenance-free. Remember, the material and design will flow directly to the level of care and upkeep it will demand. And we’re not just talking about longevity, but maintaining your screen’s visual appeal and structural integrity.

5. How will the local climate affect it?

Where are you in and around Melbourne and beyond? If it’s somewhere windy, think about whether a permeable design for your pergola screens makes sense, while wetter regions may need rot-resistant materials. Additionally, a coastal or particularly humid spot could require pergola screens with protection against rust.

What’s next for your pergola privacy screen journey?

Don’t forget, your pergola privacy screen isn’t just a functional addition – it’s an extension of your living space. Want to know even more to ensure a comfortable, beautiful, practical and affordable choice? You could hardly find a more appropriate or friendlier team to ask than the hard-working guys and girls at Mr Verandah. In fact, with more than 30 years of experience doing just this, we can handle absolutely everything from design to planning to building your outdoor space. How can we help?