It says California on the tin, but did you know there are plenty of mainly red bricked homes with California bungalow-style architecture right here in Melbourne? It’s because the warm and happy California lifestyle is a lot like ours – and don’t we all love a bit of Hollywood culture? The really good news is that you could add or enhance a California bungalow verandah or extension at your place pretty easily in Melbourne with Mr Verandah.

The idea is about 100 years old now, inspired by America’s decorative Arts and Crafts and Art Nouveau design movement that kept things simple, used natural materials and favoured beautiful craftsmanship over the industrialised design techniques that were quickly taking over. The really eye-popping part of the California bungalow, however, was the iconic verandah, with its grand columns, a deliberate place to chill out ‘out the front’, and unmistakable charm adding a touch of luxury to the front entry.

Fancy a California bungalow renovation?

Melbourne california bungalow verandah

Did you know a California bungalow verandah, extension or renovation is actually achievable at your place? To paraphrase the Beach Boys, do you wish they all could be California bungalows? Here are some ideas to tune up your vocal chords for your California bungalow renovation or verandah:

1. Keep it neutral

The typical California bungalow colours may be neutral and monochromatic, but they’re also highly sophisticated and can span the full-colour palette. The idea of neutrals is to allow the easily distinguishable California bungalow verandah highlights to really get top billing.

2. Wood or tile?

The sort of California bungalow you’re familiar with here in Melbourne will typically have a plain concrete floor, but here’s something to think about: how about wood? These 1920 homes usually had wooden floors throughout, so for a standalone California bungalow verandah it’s a great idea to revive the past. Patterned tiles, if you dare, would also emphasise the heritage characteristics of the style.

3. Stonework

Do you know how to make your renovated Californian bungalow verandah really stand out? We could hardly think of a better design category for some beautiful and classy stone masonry. It won’t cost the earth but your curb appeal will absolutely skyrocket, so it’s the perfect choice to accentuate any porch columns, floors, and even some verandah stepping stones or walkways.

4. Think antique

Sure, there are plenty of home styles that pre-date 1920 or so. But that’s not really the case in Melbourne when the California bungalow style was so extremely popular. So if you’re looking to capture and accentuate that style for your verandah or extension, think antique. The pylons should be exotic, any furniture should be old and elegant, and don’t rule out a stylish new character front door or even stained glass windows.

We do California bungalow extensions Melbourne wide

California bungalow extensions Melbourne wide

Are you looking to expand your home with a California bungalow-style verandah? Do you have a California bungalow and want a stylish verandah, patio or carport? At Mr Verandah, we make the entire process easy, fun and affordable with custom-made verandahs, extensions and other additions all over Melbourne’s southeast and eastern suburbs and beyond. Get in touch with our friendly Melbourne extension builders today.