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Ready To Install A Pergola?

A custom-designed pergola can add another dimension to your home, designed and built by Mr Verandah to blend in with the style of your house.

Best described as a verandah without the roofing, our pergolas can be made to take shade cloth, timber shade battens or even a creeping plant that can give shade and character.

Our pergolas are built with durable timbers and will provide a very special feature to your property. We can offer the following options:

  • Shaped rafter overhangs
  • Stainless steel wire to support plants
  • Angled or flat timber shade battens
  • A choice of different highly durable timbers for the frame and posts

Work With Melbourne's Experts!

Mr Verandah is family owned and operated business specialising in the design and construction of outdoor living spaces for over 30 years. As members of Master Builders Victoria, Housing Industry of Australia platinum members and Building Commission of Victoria registered practitioners, you can count on friendly, professional services and a high-quality result.

  • With 30+ years experience we can turn your dream outdoor living space into reality.
  • We provide a 10 year warranty on all projects for your piece of mind.
  • Mr Verandah is recognised for outstanding verandah design and customer service.
  • We handle all the council approvals and permits for your project.
  • Customers love what we do, we have 100+ online reviews!

From Dream To Design: Craft Your Ideal Pergola With Mr Verandah

As you explore the potential of adding a personalised pergola to your Melbourne home, it’s crucial to consider how the new feature will not only enhance your outdoor living space but also reflect your personal style and needs.

So: How exactly to approach the next phase of your pergola journey with Mr Verandah? Let’s dive into the most insightful and essential insights that will ensure that your new pergola is not just a structure without a personality, but in fact is a truly tailored outdoor haven that resonates with your lifestyle:

5 Key Considerations For Your Dream Pergola

1. Purpose & functionality

The first step in creating your dream pergola is identifying its primary function. Will it be a tranquil retreat for reading and relaxation? A lively outdoor dining area? A lush garden space? Understanding its purpose will influence key design elements like size, layout, and any additional features, ensuring your pergola is as functional as it is beautiful.

2. Design harmony with your home

Don’t forget, a pergola is – or should be – a seamless extension of your home’s architectural style. Whether you have a modern house or a more classic or historic Melbourne dwelling, selecting a design that complements your home’s exterior creates a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing look. Consider the colour, the architectural lines, and the materials that echo your home’s character.

3. Material durability & aesthetics

You want and need your pergola to last a long time and look great in the process, right? It largely depends on the materials that are used. Options like sturdy timber or weather-resistant metals each bring their unique charm and benefits, but you also need to consider the local climate and maintenance requirements when choosing materials, ensuring your pergola remains a lasting beautiful addition to your home.

4. Shading options for comfort

A pergola’s charm lies in its ability to provide shelter and shade. So give some serious thought to the various shading solutions that are out there, such as adjustable louvres, traditional lattice work, or even climbing plants for that natural touch. If you are thinking about plant-based shade, ensure the structure can support the additional weight and the maintenance needs of the greenery.

5. Future-proofing with technology integration

Mr Verandah focuses on the core structural and aesthetic aspects of pergola design, but it’s very wise to consider future technological enhancements during the planning phase. Think about pre-wiring and design elements for lighting, sound systems or even outdoor heaters, and it can all be planned for and accommodated in collaboration with our specialists to ensure seamless integration without compromising the pergola’s design.

Vision To Reality: Start Your Pergola Journey With Mr Verandah

Your journey to creating the perfect pergola is not just exciting – it’s an adventure. You’re already well on your way to designing an outdoor space that’s not just an extension of your home, but a reflection of your personal style and way of life. Ready to take the next step, or need some further guidance? Either way, the friendly team at Mr Verandah is here to help. With your vision and their experience, your dream pergola is just over the horizon. Ready to get started? Give Mr Verandah a shout today.

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With thousands of pergolas built for satisfied customers, its time to act now so Mr Verandah can design and build your new outdoor living space.

Pergola Design Ideas

Need some inspiration? You’ll find it here with examples of beautiful pergolas in Melbourne built by the Mr Verandah team. See something you like? Get in touch, we can bring to life any pergola styles, custom designed for your home.

Happy Customers

We’ve build everything from pergolas to alfresco verandahs for clients across Melbourne’s south east and eastern suburbs. What did they have to say about working with Mr Verandah? Read some of our 100+ five star reviews to find out!

Highly recommended. Professional team. Clear communication. Design advice. Planning permits handled smoothly. Great result. Friendly and highly competent builder.

Cheryl D

Very professional and Chris is a wonderful person to work with.

Chris V

Delighted about our recently completed pergola, the final result exceeded our expectations…

Gary K

Get Free Information and an Estimated Price Now

With thousands of pergolas built for satisfied customers, its time to act now so Mr Verandah can design and build your new outdoor living space.

Pergola FAQ's

Building a custom designed pergola is a great investment in your home, but it’s natural to have some questions before you commence. Below are the most common questions about pergolas people ask our team.

Do you use a contract?
Yes, a simple and easy to understand contract will be provided and will need to be signed by both parties.
Do you provide a guarantee or warranty?
Yes, all of our work has a full 10-year structural warranty.
How close can I build to the boundary fence?
This varies. Some structures can be built to the fence line, but others will need to be away from the fence.
What is a pergola?

An outdoor structure without roofing sheets. Learn more about the difference between a pergola, verandah or patio.

Does a pergola need a building permit?

Yes, most pergolas will require a building permit, however, some smaller pergolas may not require a building permit.

How much does a pergola cost?

A pergola is a cheaper option for an outdoor structure due to the lack of roofing sheets and a lower likelihood of requiring a permit. If you make an online enquiry, we can provide you with an estimated price range.

Can you build a pergola on a deck?

Yes, we can design and integrate a new pergola to attach to new or existing decking.

Can you match decorative features to a period home?
Yes, we can provide a range of options for decorative features to best suit your period home, including matching turned posts, fretwork, frieze, decorative piers, eaves, etc. We specialise in custom designing structures to your unique home.
Do I need a town planning permit?
A planning permit may be required by your local council for a range of reasons, which are out of our control. We can advise if a town planning permit will be required and organise this for you.
What is the process for getting a new pergola built?
Make an online enquiry by filling out this form and we will send you an email or letter detailing the process involved, the likely permits involved and even an estimated price range for your new pergola.