Operating for over 20 years, Mr Verandah prides itself on its reputation for excellence and is constantly striving to provide customers with the most up-to-date designs and products that will give the best results possible.

This proud Australian company specialises in creating architecturally designed external additions that blend in beautifully with the existing house and are adaptable for various site orientations including sloping blocks. Mr Verandah offers a range of designs and a large range of materials and configurations incorporating different combinations.

Many backyards across Australia sit wasted and unused in properties that fail to integrate their home with the outside space. A new verandah can provide that extra living space that your family needs and will use. Mr Verandah can provide your outdoor living solution.

Externally the home-owner has a choice of a variety of roof types including gabled and skillion roof designs and a variety of roof cladding including colourbond steel, premium grade polycarbonate in a choice of tints and colours. Exterior extras can also include decking, sliding doors, bi­fold doors, rainwater tanks and bistro-style blinds. This saves the homeowner time and money by incorporating all permit options under one permit. For example, spa and fencing permits are a popular addition to the verandah or deck.

Materials come in a variety of price ranges depending upon the application and the owner’s budget. All of the structures are built on-site in the traditional way by the full-time staff. Great care is taken to ensure that the structure attaches to the existing home seamlessly to create an integrated space. The structure is custom designed to suit individual site conditions and the clients’ requests.

Save time and money

A key motivator for the staff at Mr Verandah is to provide a fixed price quotation and accurate description of the outdoor living solution that will maximise the value added to your property and investment. The client knows exactly what they are going to get and how much it will cost – no nasty surprises.

The other great advantage is convenience. The time frame from council approval to the finished product is about 5 weeks, and there is no need for you to move out of your home. There is very little mess during construction and the tradesmen pride themselves on leaving your property in a neat and tidy state on completion. Mr Verandah tradesmen follow a very strict dress and on-site behaviour code of practice. They are hand-picked and personally trained.

The client saves a huge amount of time and money by not having to go to draftsmen or architects to discuss design options and obtain the appropriate drawings and permits.

Renovation made simple

Mr Verandah can provide a complete outdoor living solution.

They take care of the whole process starting with an estimate of costs for the project, followed by an in-home consultancy, organising building surveyors and council approval, overseeing construction, right through to final completion.

They can even organise any extra permits that may be required such as Town Planning.

“Mr. Verandah is the one-stop shop for the homeowner. We design it, we specify different finishes, and we submit for council approval, co-ordinate all trades involved and then construct and hand over the completed product. The price is inclusive of all of the above and itemised for clarity. We have fine-tuned our system and deliver it for a very competitive price. An outdoor addition is the fraction of the cost of adding another room to the house but is designed to give comparable benefits by adding an eye-catching and versatile living area to be enjoyed by the whole family.”