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Ready To Install A Verandah?

When you need protection from the elements Mr Verandah can help. Expand the living areas of your home with a verandah, the whole process can be easy and very rewarding. With our 30 years of experience in the industry, we will ensure that you receive the best possible service and outcome.

Our ideas can improve the liveability and appearance of your house without spending a fortune. Allowing us to custom design a verandah will add considerable value to your house.

Our builders will design a verandah to match the style of your home. Whether it’s a simple flat roof or a more elaborate pitched roof verandah, we will design it to be in tune with the style and features of your home.

Work With Melbourne's Experts!

Mr Verandah is family owned and operated business specialising in the design and construction of outdoor living spaces for over 30 years. As members of Master Builders Victoria, Housing Industry of Australia platinum members and Building Commission of Victoria registered practitioners, you can count on friendly, professional services and a high-quality result.

  • With 30+ years experience we can turn your dream outdoor living space into reality.
  • We provide a 10 year warranty on all projects for your piece of mind.
  • Mr Verandah is recognised for outstanding verandah design and customer service.
  • We handle all the council approvals and permits for your project.
  • Customers love what we do, we have 100+ online reviews!

10 Tips For Crafting Your Dream Space With Mr Verandah

Creating your dream outdoor space with Mr Verandah isn’t just practical – it’s an exciting journey, from vision to dream-fulfilment! But to really get the most out of your seamless and fulfilling experience, you might just need 10 top tips for making the most of your collaborative journey. After all, you want an outdoor space that’s not just built, but crafted with passion and precision, right?:

1. Your vision matters

At Mr Verandah, your ideas aren’t just your ideas. They’re our blueprint. So share your dreams with us! Whether it’s a cosy and sunny reading nook to an expansive outdoor entertainment area, we’ll bring it to life just the way you imagined it.

2. Discover design magic

Our world is exquisite custom designs, and you’re more than welcome to step into it! So step into our gallery of stunning designs and let the masterpieces spark your imagination. Want to mix and match? It’s up to you because your perfect verandah is just a palette and a brushstroke away.

3. Future-proof your space

Don’t just imagine your verandah today, but imagine it in years to come. Your outdoor creation needs to evolve with you, so let us know how you plan to use your space over the years and we’ll create a versatile and adaptable concept that grows with you.

4. Budget transparency

Be clear and upfront about what you can afford – or what you’re willing to spend! Within reason, no matter the dollar figure, we’ll let you know what the best solutions are within your financial constraints, or whether it can be done for that amount or if there’s change left over for some more magic. It’s all about Mr Verandah working magic with the cash you have and ensuring no surprises along the way.

5. Communication is always key

We’ll always keep the lines of communication open throughout the project, so take full advantage of it. That will ensure a smooth and efficient process, so never forget our standing offer to listen, advise and adjust. Questions, ideas, change of heart? We’re all ears, all the time.

6. Tap into our expertise

We’ve been in the business for decades, and do you know who benefits from that? You! Ask us about the best materials, the latest trends, and the most sustainable practices. Your queries don’t annoy us – they spark our passion. So ask away.

7. Understand your warranty

Our 10-year warranty isn’t just a promise, it’s our pledge of quality and durability. Think of it as a decade of peace of mind – a safety net ensuring your verandah stands the test of time. Not sure what it means? Don’t worry, we’ll talk you through every detail, ensuring you know exactly what’s covered.

8. Consider the climate

Melbourne’s weather is more than a talking point – it’s a living, breathing part of our designs. We know all the region’s weather mood swings, so we’ll chat about making your space a year-round haven if that’s what you fancy – from the summer sun to the chilly evenings.

9. Approval & permits … simplified

Dealing with council approvals can feel like a maze. But Mr Verandah is your personal maze navigator. We’ve been through it so many times that we know every twist and turn. All the paperwork, the follow-ups, all the nitty-gritty. You? Just sit back, relax, and dream about your new space.

10. We love your feedback

Your feedback isn’t annoying. It’s not even merely important – it’s what drives us forward. It guides us to better service, sharper designs, and happier clients. Whether it’s a pat on the back all the way to forthright advice, we’re all ears, all of the time. The only thing that matters is that we’re always aligned with your vision.

Ready to embark on your dream outdoor project? Reach out to Mr Verandah today and let’s turn that dream into a reality that’s just around the corner.

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With thousands of verandahs built for satisfied customers, its time to act now so Mr Verandah can design and build your new outdoor living space.

Verandah Design Ideas

Need some inspiration? You’ll find it here with examples of beautiful verandahs in Melbourne built by the Mr Verandah team. See something you like? Get in touch, we can bring to life any verandah styles, custom-designed for your home.

Happy Customers

We’ve build everything from pergolas to alfresco verandahs for clients across Melbourne’s south east and eastern suburbs. What did they have to say about working with Mr Verandah? Read some of our 100+ five star reviews to find out!

We can highly recommend Mr Verandah. We are delighted with the outcome of our carport & verandah…

Matthew W

Wonderful administration and staff members. Chris runs business beautifully and office staff always helpful. Did my veranda and carport in set time frame.

Narinder S

Just had our verandah finished by Mr Verandah. What a great group to deal with. Great communication throughout the job from getting the quote to finishing the job.

Nigel T

Get Free Information and an Estimated Price Now

With thousands of verandahs built for satisfied customers, its time to act now so Mr Verandah can design and build your new outdoor living space.

Verandah FAQ’s

Building a verandah is a great investment in your home, but it’s natural to have some questions before you commence. Below are the most common questions about verandahs people ask our team.

What is a verandah?

Best described as an outdoor roofed structure. Learn more about the difference between a verandah, pergola and patio.

How much does it cost to build a verandah?

The size and design will dictate the cost of your verandah. Simply make an online enquiry by filling out this form so we can provide you with an estimated price range.

How to attach a verandah to a house?

We take great care in our design and construction to attach your new verandah to be structurally sound and to comply with building regulations.

Will I need a permit for a verandah?

A Building Permit is usually necessary. Mr Verandah will organise the permits to ensure that your new verandah is built to regulation and the council requirements.

Will I need a permit if I’m replacing an existing structure?

Yes, a Building Permit is usually necessary, and Mr Verandah will organise this for you.

What style of roof is available for my verandah?
Verandahs can be constructed with a flat roof or a pitched style roof, or even a curved roof. They can use Colorbond steel or polycarbonate roofing sheets, and range of shapes and overhangs are possible.
Do you use a contract?
Yes, a simple and easy to understand contract will be provided and will need to be signed by both parties.
Do you provide a guarantee or warranty?
Yes, all of our work has a full 10-year structural warranty.
How close can I build to the boundary fence?
This varies. Some structures can be built to the fence line, but others will need to be away from the fence.
Do you install the gutters and flashings?
Can you match decorative features to a period home?
Yes, we can provide a range of options for decorative features to best suit your period home, including matching turned posts, fretwork, frieze, decorative piers, eaves, etc. We specialise in custom designing verandahs to your unique home.
Does Mr Verandah connect new downpipes?
Yes, we will connect the downpipes to your existing underground pipes or even to your water tank if this option is available.
Do I need a town planning permit?
A planning permit may be required by your local council for a range of reasons, which are out of our control. We can advise if a town planning permit will be required and organise this for you.
What is the process for getting a new verandah built?
Make an online enquiry by filling out this form and we will send you an email or letter detailing the process involved, the likely permits involved and even an estimated price range for your new verandah.
Can you build a verandah on a deck?
Yes, we can design and integrate a new verandah to attach to a new or existing decking.