Love your home? Can you really call it your ‘dream home’ yet? To get the perfect space for your family, your investment and your lifestyle, the perfect addition is a beautiful verandah, carport or other extensions. Drive-up your re-sale value, add liveable floor space and enhance your options for entertaining with a custom designed structure that can be used every day of every year.

With Mr Verandah, we take care of the entire process for you – from design to planning and building. So, let us ask you this question today: What type of roof design is perfect for you? Follow our guide to some of the most exciting and popular extension roof designs that might help you make your important choice.

1. Gable Roof Design


Remember Anne of Green Gables? Remember the beautiful pitched roof design – in green? Well, a gabled roof is still extremely popular today, not just because designers and builders are so used to them, but because these types of roofs work for every climate – especially rainy and snowy ones! Easily recognisable from its triangular shape, a gabled roof is often called a pitched roof or peaked roof. As well as looking truly classic, a gable house roof design for your home extension is very low maintenance with minimal wear and tear.

2. Flat (Skillion) Roof Design

flat roof design

Thinking ‘flat’ – especially for your verandah or carport? Think skillion roof, instead. It’s basically a standard flat roof design with a simple and sleek single flat surface that is notably steeper, with a more noticeable pitch than the flat roofs you are used to. This stylish and minimalist flat roof design is gaining steam in Australia, as the drainage problems tend to be non-existent, and they’re also more affordable to build.

3. Curved Roof Design

Curve Roof Verandah Caulfield South Melbourne

How about something completely different? Also gaining incredible popularity in Australia are chic, modern and trendy curved roofs, which will really make your verandah design stand out from the crowd. In combination with other flat or gabled elements of your home, it’s a sophisticated option that adds soft organic curves and is not inferior in any way in terms of drainage.

4. Hip Roof Design

hip roof design

This option really is hip – and we don’t just mean trendy. Types of roof in the hip design category differ fundamentally to gable roofs in that all four sides slope downwards (think of a pyramid). To the untrained eye, the final product looks a lot like a gable solution, but they’re brilliant in handling storms and high winds.

5. Dutch Gable Roof

dutch gable melbourne

If you really do have your heart set on a traditional gable roof, let us at least introduce you to its big brother – the Dutch gable design. Basically, it’s a hip-plus-gable combo package, with the gable portion constructed atop the hip base. The style dates all the way back to the Renaissance, so it’s no surprise that it looks great with its notably high pitch and it works well with any material.


Want even more options? Have you heard of the horizon, bullnose, bonnet, clerestory, parapet – and others? Got something truly special in mind or really hanker after something out of the ordinary? At Mr Verandah, we’re always full of ideas and we can help bring some of yours to life too, in order to make your verandah, carport or extension something to love forever. Your dream home really is just a step away, so get in touch with our Melbourne extension builders today.