Think about the typical modern roof design. Did the words ‘steep’ and ‘sloping’ come to mind? No? Well, it’s time to catch up, because the modern skillion roof design is back with a bang in 2022, and here’s what you need to know.

When those browsing images for their outright dream home or extension come across a skillion roof, the usual reaction is: “Wow!”. And while the aesthetic appeal of the crisp, asymmetrical look is obvious, there are actually several key benefits to this cool roof configuration that go way beyond the ‘wow’-factor. So what is a skillion roof, anyway?

What is a skillion roof, anyway?

Unlike a traditional roof where two sloping sides meet in the middle, a skillion roof consists of a single flat surface. Of course the flat roof surface is pitched at an angle to allow water to escape into the guttering and downpipe. If that all makes sense, you’re starting to understand how a skillion roof design could be the perfect choice for your next project.

The result? Efficient, practical, clean, crisp, modern, minimalist. And the real kicker is that this configuration can actually be cheaper – and we mean a lot cheaper – than a standard roof with its multiple or symmetrical slopes. Easy to install, more affordable to implement, perfect for water drainage, super-modern in appearance. What’s not to love?

But we’re not here to tell you what ‘not’ to love about a skillion roof – we’re here to tell you what to most definitely adore and help you find more flat or skillion roof ideas for pergolas, patios and more.

1. Easy installation

It may look super-cool, but that doesn’t mean it’s super-expensive. In fact, the skillion roof is easy to install – because of its simplicity. Less materials, more rudimentary design: even keen DIY-ers are champing at the bit!

2. Cost Effective

With easy installation and fewer materials, the cost goes down – considerably. Most construction teams will be done in a single day, and – better still – they’re also easier to maintain and repair.

3. Attractive

Nothing screams ‘modern’ like a skillion roof, with the absence of a connecting ridge particularly appealing to the 2022 eye.

4. Better ventilation

The steep, high incline and the non-connecting elements are perfect for air circulation – keeping your space much cooler in the summer.

5. Privacy

Get the steepest part of your skillion roof right, and you can strategically create unparalleled privacy from the neighbours – especially if the house next door is particularly close.

6. Colours

With its chic look and (normally) distinct sections, using Colorbond steel roofing there’s more scope than ever to go wild with colour combinations that match the uber-modern vibe. The basic skillion design is also more than open to adaptation to personal preferences, presenting you with a golden opportunity to let your imagination run.

7. Low maintenance

A big bonus of sleek, slick, modern skillion roof design is that Colorbond roofing is easy to keep clean and maintain due to the reduced presence of corners and lines. That minimalism also means it tends to last longer before it needs repairs.

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