She said: “why does a verandah cost so much?”

She had calculated what she thought the materials should be worth for her new verandah. I explained that it’s not as simple as just working out what the materials cost and then adding a labour charge.

I explained that we are a registered building company with 40 years of experience. We only use qualified and experienced builders responsible for providing a high-quality job, delivered on time. Our builders communicate with the client, provide practical solutions to any unexpected problems, and supply all of the necessary materials and the correct tools to carry out the work.

I also explained that we need to factor in the warranty and that both our builders on the job and we as a company, provide insurance and warranty on the work so that the client is totally protected.

Other considerations include

  • The expert design service provided
  • The time taken to ensure that the design is well suited to any existing architecture and the owner’s taste
  • The design must work to ensure that the structure is attractive and also fit for the purpose
  • Our qualified and experienced office staff organise all of the necessary preliminary work, such as preparation of the file, drawings, communication with the council and relevant external bodies, preparation and submission of applications, obtaining industry insurance, preparation of contracts and more.

The office will continue to track the progress of the preliminary work and provide the client with updates. Once the permits are obtained, we proceed with the following:

  • Materials will be calculated and sourced
  • Orders will be sent to suppliers and deliveries organised
  • Any necessary extra trades will also be organised and booked such as electricians, plasterers, bricklayers, painters, window and door supply, concreters, and renderers. The list goes on.

Why does a verandah cost so much? There is so much to do and so much that can go wrong. We make this process look easy, but we all work so hard to make sure that the end result is perfect.

My client never questioned the cost again.