Have you thought about adding an orangery to your home? Did you answer “an oranger-what?” If so, you’re not alone – because dedicated buildings to protect orange trees probably suit a 17th-century UK mansion more than your humble Melbourne abode. How about a conservatory, then? Again, perhaps a little grand for most people, even though more than 10 percent of home renovators in the UK consistently say they’re spending their cash on a conservatory. Here in Melbourne, we are more likely to say we’re adding a sunroom. So as the real estate market booms, it’s an ideal time to talk about conservatories and sunrooms, the differences and the sort of sunroom extensions Melbourne people like you are thinking about – so let’s get to it.

What is a conservatory? What is a sunroom?

But first things first: some clarifications. While conservatories and sunrooms are different, they’re probably more alike than dissimilar. However, we think there are 3 main differences:

The purpose

Put simply, your plants tend to chill out away from the wind and cold in conservatories, while it will be you that is soaking up the sun in a sunroom.

The materials

While conservatories are mainly glass (including the roof), so that those plants can do their photosynthesis, us humans tend to want a little more privacy than that. An Australian sunroom will tend to have a solid or opaque roof, perhaps with some skylights.

The sunlight

Indeed, while we call it a sunroom, you don’t necessarily want to get sunburnt in there! The conservatory, on the other hand, is much less discerning about how many rays beam through that glass.

So while conservatories and orangeries in the UK are all good and well, you’ve probably decided already that a sunroom is your best bet for a Melbourne home extension (yes, it really is an extension) that really gets bang for your buck – both to add value and to enhance lifestyle. So what do you need to do before getting Mr Verandah to put one in for you – and then putting your feet up in the soft, warm sunlight this winter?

1. Where will you put it?

While we said a sunroom isn’t all about the sunlight, well, a sunlight extension really does need to factor in the sunlight! Depending on which way your home is facing, you’ll want to position the sunroom either at the side of your home or the rear. Our two cents is that a sunroom that faces south will let in the loveliest light without blasting you with UV rays and searing heat in the summer.

2. How will you use it?

Similarly, don’t just think about where to put that sunroom – think about how you will be using it. For instance, will you enjoy your first cup of coffee in there every morning, or will it be somewhere to chill out with a book on a lazy Sunday afternoon? With that in mind, you’ll get a much better idea about the location, the size, the shape, and the layout.

3. What kind of sunroom should you put in?

They’re all called sunrooms, but they’re all a little different – and the one you choose will affect your sunroom cost. For instance, you might only envisage using the sunroom on the odd sunny Sunday, or ‘sunroom’ could simply be the nominal name you’re giving to a more standard extra room that is attached to your home. Perhaps your sunroom will be more like a patio (but don’t confuse a patio with a verandah or pergola), or maybe it really will have more in common with a grand orangery.

The experts in sunrooms Melbourne can trust

Luckily, the friendly Melbourne builders here at Mr Verandah are the trusted one-stop shop for all sorts of home extensions – because we’ve been putting them in all over Melbourne and surrounding areas for three full decades. Fancy a chat with Mr Verandah about sunroom designs? Don’t hesitate to give us a shout today.