If you’ve started to think about a carport or a garage, it sounds like you want to take better care of your vehicles and improve the look, functionality and value of your home. So we don’t need to convince you about that. But let’s face it: not everyone’s an expert, and some among us even struggle with the difference between a carport and a garage. But that’s not all – what is the cost difference? Is the more expensive one worth the extra cash? It sounds like we need a deeper dive into that carport vs garage question.

But first things first – what’s even the difference between carport and garage? They’re similar in many ways. They both keep your car, boat or other possessions out of the harsh weather, they both boost your security, and they can even both be either attached to your home or free-standing. The biggest difference is that while a garage is fully enclosed with doors and walls, a carport typically features open ends – more of a roof for your car.

So which is best for you? Let’s look at the pros and cons to help you decide.


carport vs garage

  • Offer greater protection
  • Are typically bigger
  • Are more secure
  • Add more value
  • Can be converted to living space
  • Can be used as an extra entertaining area

On the downside, garages:

  • Are more expensive
  • Are more complicated to build
  • Can involve more building regulations

Therefore, it’s not time to rule out a carport quite yet!


Gable Carport 1 Melbourne

  • Cost less
  • Are easier to build
  • Are less regulated

But where there are pros, there are also cons! Carports are:

  • Less secure
  • Less practical for storage or conversion
  • Add less value to your home
  • Offer less protection from the weather

Carport VS Garage? It’s time to decide!

Having trouble deciding? Don’t worry, deciding on doing home extensions like a garage or carport is an exciting decision and, at the end of the day, you’re likely to be very happy with the results so long as you fully understand what you’re committing to.

To get your carports and garages contemplations across the finish line, we’ve come up with the 2 simple questions that could light up the right answer for you:

1. Are you looking for more storage?

If you want a home for your car and somewhere to get tools and other items out of your home, go for a garage. A carport can offer some protection, but the thieves are more likely to turn on their heels when they see a locked garage which also better protects your items from the weather. If you go for a carport you may need to look at other options like a garden shed or renting a storage unit for extra space.

2. How much are you looking to spend?

If what you want is a roof over your car at a reasonable price, a carport can offer 90% the protection of a garage, look just as great and be surprisingly affordable.

Still, having trouble deciding? Mr Verandah can help with that! We’ve been building dream home extensions for decades with a reputation as the carport and garage builders Melbourne loves – and we take care of the entire process from advice to design ideas, planning and building. So don’t be shy to get in touch, let us know your precise situation, and we’ll help you out with that carport vs garage decision! Mr Verandah can’t wait to hear from you.